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Wordpress 1on1 is currently getting a complete overhaul. As of right now we are not functional. If you'd like to contact us directly, please email at If you're trying to book a tutoring session, please book it through here: For now, the Snippets page will still be up and running, so feel free to refer to that anytime! 

WordPress 1on1 is a site that offers one on one WordPress training via Skype video chat. We focus our training & tutorials on one thing, to teach you how to work with the WordPress content management system. From installing WordPress to launching your own blog or website, WordPress 1on1 is here to guide you through the process, one on one.

WP 1on1
WP 1on1

Want to Learn WordPress?

Let me be your guide. I will show you and answer your questions live! Follow along as I show you how easy it is to work with WordPress.

What We Provide

  • Weekly Classes Starting Soon!

    Starting this fall, we’ll be holding a class every Wednesday at 3pm, join WP 1on1 in a weekly WordPress session. We cover a different topic every week. Contact us to enroll, limited slots available.

  • 1 on 1 Live Skype Tutoring

    Book & Schedule a live skype tutoring session from us.

  • Need Your Company to Know the Basics of WordPress?

    WP 1on1 can also teach your entire office how to run your company’s wordpress website.

  • Have a WordPress Question?

    Receive access to the WP 1on1 Community S.O.S. center. Ask your question, and get answers from us or another WP 1on1 member.

  • WP1on1 Snippets

    Useful snippets of code to do just about anything in WordPress

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